Welcome to Anagails! I'm Terin, the owner. I am glad you stopped by to learn more about myself and our business!

My parents have owned a manufacturing company since 1987. Growing up in the shop I was always experimenting on the sewing machines making whatever I could think of. Clothes, dresses, pillows, even little outfits for my dog. Im sure most of our employees got annoyed with me because if I couldn't achieve the design made up in my head I would ask them to stop what they were doing and help me make my vision come to life. I have always had a passion for designing, creating, and producing unique products. My employees and family describe me as extra/beyond but lets get real, nothing is done until its over done and over the top has always been my thing.

After I graduated highschool I knew I wanted to take over my parents business but sports uniforms were never really my thing. I knew I wanted to keep everything they had worked for, all the employees, and all the machines so I evolved it into Anagails. We still print tees, sew purses, make our own clothing, and embroidery products just as before. However, now everything is just a little more over the top, more unique, and of course cuter. I switched everything to online and my dreams started to become reality. I work with the most amazing artist who is exclusive to Anagails, she hand paints or draws each design we offer. I design each hand made bag and my top seamstress make my designs come to life in the highest quality you could ever imagine.Since I sewed, or tried to sew my entier life I have actually mastered the art and sometimes I even sew the bags you order myself. My name came from a unique combination my dad made up. His name is Darin and my moms name is Teresa, so of course I am Terin. The name Anagails came from that same unique thought.My daughters middle name is Ann and my moms middle name is Gail, and just like that Anagails, my dream business evolved. I appreaite each and every one of you for helping my dream come true and I will always try my hardest to provide you with one of a kind styles in the highest quality. XOXO-Terin

Anagails has become one of the industry leaders in graphic tees. Our unique exclusive designs and vibrant long lasting prints make for the highest quality graphic tees on the market. Our customers agree, once you buy one, you will want them all! Our handbags are each carefully designed by our owner and handcrafted from premium genwine leather and solid brass hardware. Shop our website and look for our products in your local shops as we also wholesale to all your favorite boutiques!